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Buddhism Quiz

1. What does the word “Buddhism” mean? (etymology)

awakeinging or enlightennment

2. Is Buddhism a relgion? Explain.

buddhism i thought of a way of life, not a religion.

3. Define Karma.

every cause has an effect. “what goes around comes around like a hoolahoop”- lil wayne.

4. What are the Four Noble Truths?

life is suffering

suffering is caused by craving

suffering can be overcome by hapiness

the 8fold path leads to hapiness

5. Why is Buddhism becoming popular in Western Culture?

buddhism has a deep understanding of the human mind and the answers to materialistic problems


finger prints, my mark on the world,

swirled and misunderstood.

white as snow

the sun is sleeping for the winter.

thick, so a needle pops through the layers.

fifteen paces of metal,

making a home in an unfamiliar place.

ink permanently imprinted in the shape of a sparrow

created by my own hands

smells sweet

like ocean waves and Macintosh apples

my own personal polka dots placed sparaticly on the surface

a translucent blend of various colors

revealing a stream of blue into the visible world.

the sacred

hold me
watching movies
red sports car
big brown eyes
please hold me tight

dinner with your family
midnight swimming
the hill behind my house
staring at stars

kiss me

in the rose garden

picnics at the pond
chased by psychotic geese

a bright yellow m&m machine
where it all started
a night beneath a magic tree
where it ended

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